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About Amity Travel

The Inception

Amity Travel Corporation was organized in December of 1971 and incorporated in May 1972 to provide professional travel services. Its aim is not just to provide professional travel services but also to act as a highly organized and highly efficient link between the traveler and the destination country’s tourism business. In February 1980, Amity Travel Corporation passed the accreditation requirement of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) under license No. 283-2869-4.

Services Offered

Amity Travel offers travel and tour services, which includes local and international tours, itinerary planning, and documentation. Documentation includes passport assistance, immigration clearances, and visa assistance for USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. It also provides hotel reservations throughout Southeast Asia through its ground handlers in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and Seoul. Likewise, it offers package tours to USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand. The company utilizes the AMADEUS computerized reservations system.

Corporate Stability and Integrity

Amity Travel has a vast experience of over 40 years in the travel and tours business and it has consistently remained as top producers of several airlines including: Northwest/Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Korean Air, Continental Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Thai International Airways, Japan Airlines, EVA Air, Lufthansa and Philippine Airlines.

New Leaf and Valued Expertise

In January 2014, Amity Travel Corporation sold the trade name “Amity Travel” to Alstroemeria Corporation. Under new management, the company rebranded the travel agency for a fresh look but kept the standard and slogan of “providing value for money and professional quality service.” This resulted in bringing about good production sales, as well as creating an assertive team ready to compete with the other travel agencies in providing good service and personalized care of all travelers—here and abroad.

Stronger Commitment

Revived with new vigor, Amity Travel welcomes competition and consistently upgrades its service standards by continuously providing training programs to its staff. The new Amity Travel is committed to remain competitive, innovative, and a dynamic organization as it constantly aims to improve the quality and standard of the company’s services to the traveling public.

The Business Philosophy of Amity Travel

Personalized Service

Most travel agencies deal informally with their business partners—particularly corporate accounts. This simple yet basic marketing strategy is often overlooked because of the growth and corporate culture of the organization. The so-called “personal care” and professionalism amongst corporate establishments is demoted to a conventional business relationship. The travel business is a highly personalized business. In this industry, rates are secondary compared to the business and personal relationship cultivated between the travel agency and the corporate establishment. Amity Travel's personal relationship with each client is pursued consistently and vigorously as we face global competition.

Value Added Services

The travel business world has become highly competitive throughout the years. Today there are more than 221 registered IATA agents, and possibly another 1,000 Non-IATA and Independent Sales agents acting as real travel agencies. It is not enough to just sell airline tickets. Value added services, which includes a personal relationship to business accounts are, more than ever, necessary. Airline policies have likewise changed dramatically. Travel agencies must adapt constantly to remain competitive. Creative marketing programs, innovative sales strategies, and greater emphasis on customer service and a dynamic management become decisive tools in determining personal and professional growth in a very competitive environment.

Competitive Rates

One of the greater challenges that corporate accounts are confronted with is the concept that with cheaper tickets clients will automatically adjust to whatever inconveniences they may experience just to buy a cheap ticket. Demography has made it possible to develop “new markets” relative to the traditional location of businesses. Location, while important, is not enough to make a business grow and become profitable. Transparency has become synonymous with success in the sense that a competitive rate gives rise to improved services and greater trust in Amity Travel's business relationship with its clients and customers. The level of business relationship has to transcend to more than just a cheap rate and this is where the element of professional “RELATIONSHIP” becomes more meaningful.

Constant Communication

The development of powerful desktop and laptop computers, social networks, instant messaging, VoIP, and smart phones has made travel business more accessible to people and places often thought of as impossible to reach. There is no reason for a travel agency to be complacent with all these conveniences. The key word is to MAXIMIZE the use of these facilities to the advantage of the corporate establishment and for the benefit of the traveling population. Information technology has changed the way traditional business has been conducted. Amity Travel rises to the challenge in leading the industry to prove that we can make a difference in building professional business relationships.

Corporate Culture

Amity Travel is well equipped to meet the challenges of the new era of technological advances in travel. The CHARACTER developed in our organization is fueled basically by the LEADERSHIP BY EXAMPLE approach. Key operating officers of Amity Travel maintains a progressive and dynamic approach to business and continue to cultivate personal business relationships with its clients.

Our company is determined to stay focused with high performance standards. Amity Travel realizes that generating business from non-traditional sources for revenues becomes a challenge to prepare for the future of the company. While many have given up on the so called “new breed” of workers, due to their lack of focus and lackadaisical attitude, we at Amity Travel continue to harness talent and remain optimistic towards a more positive working attitude.

5 Reasons To Choose Amity Travel Philippines

1. Where is Amity Travel located?

The Main Office is located at Room 201 VIP Building, 1140 Roxas Boulevard, Ermita, Manila 1000. It is conveniently located across the U.S. Embassy and is within a few minutes drive to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Bureau of Immigration, Department of Tourism, Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

2. What distinguishes Amity from other IATA travel agents with whom I’ve been dealing or have dealt with?

Amity Travel is a professional corporate organization since 1972. We are revered and recognized by all the airlines operating in the Philippines and have been a recipient of numerous airline awards.

Technological advances in both hardware and software and in-depth knowledge in information technology and tourism have become a catalyst for our organization. The wealth of information available on our computer system allows us to better analyze the needs of our business accounts while providing accurate and up to date information.

Additionally, our airfares, land arrangement, package tours, and other services are very competitive. Amity Travel offers our clients value for money all year round. Our goal is to be a lifelong business partner for all your travel needs.

Our company is a strong believer in providing quality service. Whether it be a local or international destination, individual or corporate, we are committed to provide quality service.

3. What credit cards are honored by Amity Travel?

Amity Travel honors all major local and international MASTERCARD, VISA, AMEX and DINERS credit cards including credit cards of local banks in the Philippines.

4. How prepared is Amity Travel with the advent of globalization?

Amity Travel has initiated the process for accreditation as an ISO-9002 company with an established Quality Management System. Our systems are fully documented and implemented to the letter. Our operating system in Reservations, Documentation, and Accounting is fully automated and customized to your requirements. We employ on a full time basis, a system specialist to handle, upgrade, and maintain our computer systems and reporting requirements. Lastly, we are continuously implementing a rigid technical training and customer service oriented program to ensure that we service our clients competently and professionally. We believe that quality has its price and our company is committed to provide value for money and quality service for our clients.

5. How come some travel agencies can offer a much cheaper airfare compared to other travel agencies or airlines?

Airlines flying the same destination offer different airfares, which may be classified as cheap, competitive, or expensive depending on the consumer. The reasonableness of an airfare quoted is a qualitative and quantitative judgment one must exercise. As a professional travel agency, our main goal is to offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality service provided by our personnel. In making the final decision for travel plans, the consumer must determine who can best serve his or her needs. Likewise, corporate travel planners must evaluate the competency and professionalism of the travel service provider, bearing in mind that price alone, although important, must not be side stepped in favor of service. After all, travel is not just about cheap fares it is also about TRUST, RELATIONSHIP and FRIENDSHIP.

Affiliations & Accreditations

Amity Travel Corporation was organized in December of 1971 and incorporated in May 1972 to provide professional travel services. Its aim is not just to provide professional travel services but also to act as a highly organized and highly efficient link between the traveler and the destination country’s tourism business. In February 1980, Amity Travel Corporation passed the accreditation requirement of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) under license No. 283-2869-4.
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